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Young pt. with swelling on gums. Comments?

26year old pt. presented with condition as shown. What is your suggested diagnosis?

Young Swelling Teeth Mouth
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  • Elderly male with palpitations. Comments?
    History: A 63-year-old man in police custody is brought to the emergency department because of palpitations. The palpitations are uncomfortable, rapid and began 2 hours ago whilst in the police station. He has had episodes of palpations in the past. He has no chest pain or dyspnoea. He has a background of alcohol misuse and drinks 12 units of beer a day. He has type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension and asthma. He is not always adherent with his medications, which include metformin, gliclazide, ramipril, a salbutamol metered dose inhaler and a salmeterol with fluticasone metered dose inhaler. Examination: He is conscious and smells of alcohol. His pulse is 185/minute and irregular, blood pressure is 126/73 mmHg and respiratory rate is 18 breaths per minute. Jugular venous pulse is not elevated. Heart sounds are normal with no added sounds. Breath sounds are normal with no added sounds. Questions: • What does the ECG show? • What is the appropriate management of this patient?
  • Melasma
    The most common hyperpigmentation disorder of the face, it mostly occurs in women, though men are not spared. It presents wioth light to dark brown colored flat patches, typically over the cheeks, nose, above eyebrows, forehead, upper lip area and rarely over the jaw region. It is extremely distressing for the patient and tends to persist and relapses even after successful treatment. Sun-exposure, genetics, hormones (pregnancy and Oral contraceptive pills), and aberrant blood vessels of the melasma skin are suspected contributing factors. Treatment consists of strict sun-protection and use of broad spectrum sun-screens for life, in addition to creams to reduce the pigmentation. Lasers should be used as the last resort as they may sometimes worsen the situation if not done properly.
  • 61 y/o with known history of Diabetes Mellitus
    Patient Details Age 61 years old History Patient with the history of Diabetes Mellitus since past 5 years. Presentation C/o occasional breathlessness and body fatigue, ECG Echo and Angiography reports as shown. Question What are the recommendations? Should CABG be done or patient should be kept on medical therapy?
  • Pt. with RTA and head injury
    Pt. presented with history of RTA after falling down from bike. He only has head injury. B.P. - 110/90 What is your suggested diagnosis and treatment?
  • What are your comments on this Elbow X-ray?
    Suggest your findings and comment on this X-ray?

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