Answer all of your questions

What is Buzz4health?

Buzz4health is a professional platform for doctors that enables interaction and learning from experts and peers on computers, tablets and mobile devices. Built on top of latest technology, Buzz4health also assists doctors to find the right content and connections based on individual doctor profiles.

Discover doctors with verified and credible information

Healthcare information is often as credible and reliable as the source of the information. Buzz4health is a unique platform that allows you to connect with verified doctors on the platform and develop meaningful connections.

Collborate and solve those difficult cases

Solve those difficult cases through the combined knowledge base of the verified doctors on the platform. No need to wait for the next medical conference or the next medical gathering! Start your own case discussion or a dedicated webinar in seconds!

Learn from experts and peer opinion on complex issues

Ever wondered how your peer community and medical experts think about those complex medical issues. Get validated medical opinion and feedback on complex questions and issues in simple steps!

Is Buzz4health a credible and a secure platform?

Buzz4health is built on top of secure technology platforms, customized for safe medical data sharing and collaboration. As a necessary requirement, the platform adheres to the HIPPA medical guidelines and is completely secure and safe.

Can I contribute my ideas and expertise to make this platform better?

Buzz4health is a young but dynamic medical startup, always passionate about continuously solving pressing needs which concern the doctor community at large. We are always looking for passionate medical professionals to join us and help us with our mission. Please feel free to reach out to us on, if you wish to be contacted.

What are credit points?

As a reward for certain activities on Buzz4health, a doctor is awarded credit points associated with the completion of an activity. For example, solving a complex medical case or completing a poll can be activities which are awarded certain credit points.

Why are credit points important?

Credit points are a great way to see the expertise of a doctor on the platform and thereby share or seek information based on that. Higher credit points usually indicate a more active and an expert doctor.

Can I redeem my credit points?

Yes. You can redeem your credit points once you have 1000 credit points. Please write to after you have collected 1000 credit points and you wish to redeem them for exciting gifts!